Thursday, September 1, 2011


I am happy to report that I am in love with this stuff. I've made a mini stockpile, of which I am kind of going through alarmingly swiftly....despite not really needing it more than like once a week, maybe twice. It's that potent.
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Ted, if you're reading this: PLEEEEEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS!!!  It is my staple, my god-send.  I would love it in a gallon vat with a big pump, or in some monster tube. I don't love the work I have to put in to get the product out (I usually just take the lid off). I use like 1/4-1/3 of a bottle every time I use it, since my hair is so long and dense.

I also was able to get a bottle of the shampoo, the only complaint I have with that is that I feel like it doesn't get my hair AS clean, especially since I only wash every other day, nor does it totally deposit much color. But when I use it with the conditioner, as opposed to just the conditioner after the Loreal Vitamino Color shampoo I usually use it definitely amps it up.

This conditioner on it's own is remarkable.  It gives me just the right "is that really your natural red hair color because it's AWESOME!" reaction I prefer and leaves my hair soft. I still use either a blob of my Pantene Red Expressions stockpile or Loreal's Vitamino Color conditioner just to "seal it" so I don't stain anything afterwards.  I do my roots every other week (gasp!) with box color (GASP!) and since I don't redye the ends, I usually use either this or the Aveda mixture I have to stain and refresh the ends and blend it all together. This lately has been the go-to however, since it stains the "right color". If the ends fade a little more than normal, Ill go to the Aveda since it's redder overall but then go back to this for the next time.

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Here's a couple pics of my hair for reference, this one here with the green cardi and that totally amazing purse strap gets a photo credit to Jodi Schlosser Photography. She rules.

And a terrible cellphone shot.

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