Saturday, February 5, 2011

FINALLY: The Latisse Review

I finally finished my 16 week long term project. And it was worth it. I definitely plan to keep using it, because my lashes hold a curl better than ever, and when I put mascara on they are even better. In fact, I am still using the first bottle, I ran out of brushes a while ago, but I am using a thin eyeliner brush and washing it each night. I got a refill with brushes and liquid but I didn't want to bust those out just yet since I still have the juice left. 

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You get a little tiny bottle, the size of a tiny bottle of contact rewetting drops and a bunch of individually wrapped applicator brushes. Those are like cheapy disposable lip brushes. You will run out of them LONG before you're out of juice, which my dermatologist warned me about. So for a while I had been going to Sally's and buying a bunch of disposable brushes. But now I am just using a thin eyeliner brush. It absorbs the liquid well and allows a better line at the lashes.

Each night, you apply a drop to each lash line with the brush after washing your face (make sure your eyelashes and skin dry first.) It's that easy. They said not to keep your contacts in though so make sure you take those out first. The derm was pretty adamant about that. 

I missed a few nights here and there, but I was much more diligent with this stuff than I am with my life-sustaining medications. So clearly vanity outweighs life.  

I think this stuff is seriously worth the $120 per bottle.  I don't know that I'd call my lashes thicker/denser, but they're much longer.  I do know that when I put it on at night that there is a bit of itchiness a little while later but usually I am about to pass out so I never know if it's sleep itch or latisse itch. But I haven't noticed any darkening of my lids or any really unusual brown pigment change in my eyes. 

Here are the pics. I took them at around each interval as noted. I am hoping that in another month they're longer or denser. I plan to keep going.  When they are curled, they are wicked long and almost brow length. With mascara they're definitely to my brows. In fact, sometimes if I am kind of oily that day, I leave little mascara marks on my browbone.

You can tell that all but the last one were taken at night and with flash. The last one was daytime. I should maybe fix that.   And try to ignore the fact that I really need my brows waxed in that last one.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Here's the "before"

4 Week Mark:

 8 week mark:

 12 week mark:

16 week mark:

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